Rosina Makes | Vegan and gluten free bakes

Rosina Makes | Vegan and gluten free bakes

Recently, I received a rather sparkly delivery… in the form of six gluten free AND vegan doughnuts from Rosina Makes.

“Wait”, I hear you say, “you’re not vegan or gluten free?!”. It’s true, I’m neither, but it doesn’t mean I can’t taste these from a different perspective. Rosina has her recipes taste-tested by family and friends, allergies or none, to ensure that they are the best they can be.

Rosina Makes

Born in a family kitchen surrounded by various allergies, Rosina Makes solved the problem of providing treats for all the family to enjoy. Now, with a range of cakes, fudge and doughnuts, coeliacs and vegans in Brighton can get a piece of the action.

Dairy free white chocolate, desiccated coconut and freeze dried raspberries (AND GLITTER)

My beautiful box of 6 doughnuts came smothered in dark or (dairy free) white chocolate, with a variety of toppings such as pistachios, sea salt, raspberries, coconut and edible glitter. It’s clear to see how much thought Rosina puts into her bakes, as the presentation is incredible.

So, how did they taste?!

I’ve had a fair amount of doughnuts in my time, although none with a texture like these. Almost a cross between a doughnut and a muffin, these are a little more dense than your typical doughnut – but of course these aren’t any old doughnuts – and it works pretty nicely. Albeit a little crumbly, they make a lovely afternoon treat with a cup of coffee.

As for flavours, I loved the sharpness of raspberry with the creamy white chocolate and coconut. But my absolute favourite was the dark chocolate with sea salt – it was a perfect combination! Needless to say, the box didn’t last long as I found myself coming back for more.

Third place or first place?

The good news is that Rosina Makes hits both spots! You can try out some of Rosina’s goodies at The Loving Hut on Gardner Street, or Green Kitchen on Preston Road. Whilst her doughnuts are not yet stocked there, you’ll find a delicious array of cakes, muffins and slices.

If you’re looking to bring an indulgent vegan or gluten free treat home, you can also contact Rosina Makes to place a customised order. Just imagine how well a box of these beauties would go down with a loved one!

I’ve already had a couple of gluten free friends lusting after these, so the scope for Rosina’s doughnuts looks promising; I for one need to get my hands on some of her bakewell tart!

Check out Rosina Makes for more delicious treats and allergy info.

*update June 2017* – Rosina’s products will no longer be stocked within cafes, but are still available to order!

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  • I absolutely LOVE Rosina Makes’s cakes! YUM. I recently tasted one of her bakewell tarts, ohmygosh, delish! Will be totally giving a bit more of an insight on it on my blog! And the orange mocha cake is so good, too! Trying to decide what to try next now…

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