About me

Hello! I’m Sammy, a food blogger living in Brighton with a not-so-secret passion for all things food, coffee and Harry Potter.

After too many disappointing experiences, I discovered a love for trying new restaurants or coffee shops wherever I was. This, coupled with a love of photographing beautiful food and places to eat it, led me to the realisation that I could start a blog.

Shortly before starting The Third Place, I’d been struggling with a lot of anxiety and depression, which often left me physically affected and prone to cancelling social plans. In creating a blog, I discovered a creative outlet and gained a huge sense of purpose – plus, I’ve met so many amazing people that I now call good friends!

Of course, I still endure anxiety and depression in my everyday life, but it’s something I’m working through. Working on this has been instrumental in grounding myself and also being open in talking about it with others.

Take a look around and please do leave a comment to say hello! I’d love to know your thoughts, recommendations, or any favourite third place spots of yours and why.

Sammy x