44 Poets | Speciality Coffee

44 Poets | Speciality Coffee

Tucked along a quiet street just off of Portland Road is 44 Poets, Hove’s newest independent coffee shop. Unlike some of its neighbours, 44 Poets is the real speciality coffee deal and brings with it the vibes of a Melbourne coffee house, coupled with Scandi style.

The exterior of 44 Poets

The 44 Poets Philosophy

44 Poets was born from the same philosophy of the community role that coffee shops play in Melbourne’s suburban neighbourhoods. Having spent time living and working in Australia, owner Steve decided to recreate this dynamic in the Poets Corner area of Hove and provide a space for residents to meet, socialise and enjoy speciality coffee.

Step behind the striking black exterior you see above and you’ll be be greeted by breezy blues and greenery, entwined amongst touches of post-industrialism. It’s friendly and warm, despite the cool tones, with a very Nordic feel. There’s a stark difference between a well thought-out space and one that has been designed based on aesthetics alone; 44 Poets reflects its values of quality and practicality in its style, unlike many of the soulless Instagram destinations creeping up on Brighton.

A view of the shelves behind the coffee counter

Interior view of the front window

The best coffee in the BN3 area

44 Poets serve up espresso and filter from London-based Square Mile Coffee Roasters, a rarity as it is stocked by few coffee shops across the South Coast. I used to have the pleasure of working with their decaf espresso and the notes gleaned from these beans could fool the most seasoned of coffee drinkers! You’ll find the usual array of espresso-based drinks on the menu, including well-proportioned flat whites and cortados, as well as hand-brewed filters and iced lattes to enjoy on the little sun deck. Without a doubt, the quality and taste of 44 Poets’ coffee is some of the best I’ve encountered across Brighton & Hove, and certainly, for me, the best in the BN3 area.

Alongside Square Mile stands a variety of loose tea blends from Canton Tea and speciality hot chocolate from Mörk which, if you’re not a coffee drinker, I implore you to try. Pastries, cakes, sweet treats and savouries come from a portfolio of local, well-loved suppliers, including The Flour Pot Bakery, Honeycomb Cakes and neighbouring Stoneham Bakehouse. If you get a chance to try a brownie or a marmalade friande, it’s an absolute must!

Third place?

The concept behind 44 Poets is the very epitome of a third place, and the reality certainly delivers it. Not only is the coffee offering exceptional, the coffee shop itself is a beautifully calming and well thought-out space in which to hang out, and the small team put a lot of love into what they do. Despite the distance from my own neighbourhood, I’ve found myself venturing out of the way to come back and hang out – and have been lucky enough to run into Anakin the pug, too!

At the moment it’s just Steve and barista Kylie working the show, but they’ve nailed it as a small team. When I brought Brandon along with me recently and mentioned his difficulty in finding a good quality hot chocolate, Kylie set about making the best she could muster – and the results were pretty banging (see feature image).

Have you visited 44 Poets yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts or, if you haven’t been along yet, where your favourite coffee shop in Brighton & Hove is right now. Let me know in the comments!

Get more of a feel for 44 Poets and have a look at their Instagram here.

Disclosure: I was invited along to 44 Poets for my first visit on a complimentary basis, however my opinion remains as honest as always. 

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