Community Kitchen crowdfunder smashes £20,000 target

Community Kitchen crowdfunder smashes £20,000 target

But the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership still needs your help.

Earlier this month, the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership launched Kit Out The Kitchen, a crowdfunding campaign to raise £20,000 to transform a disused office space into a community kitchen where local people can be inspired to cook for health, fun and friendship.

Why get involved?

A survey of over 50 local community groups found that a whopping 91% of people agreed there was a need for more facilities to teach people essential cookery skills. The aim of the Community Kitchen is that, through social enterprise, they will be able to provide subsidised courses for groups that will benefit from learning about how to make good food.

The kitchen will provide a space for everyone, including cookery courses from local chefs and food experts, as well as a place for hire. For every course paid for, the Partnership will be able to teach others cookery skills through community projects, benefitting families, people with dementia, learning difficulties or mental health issues.

4 days to go

The power of people is an incredible thing. Whilst Kit Out The Kitchen has succeeded in crowdfunding their target of £20,000, you can still donate to help the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership focus on the delivery of cookery courses and resources.

Many of us take our basic cookery skills for granted, and often don’t realise just how much these can help others, whether through boosting confidence, decreasing social isolation or contributing to a healthier diet.

Be a part of the Community Kitchen

If you would like to donate, you can do so via the crowdfunder here.

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