Three nights in Copenhagen: Day Three

Three nights in Copenhagen: Day Three

Day three in Copenhagen started, as all days should, with pizza. We’d decided to visit Rosenborg Castle in the city centre, and stopped by a bakery to keep us going.

Rosenborg Castle

A summer home for the Danish monarchy in the 17th century, Rosenborg revealed extravagant rooms and furniture that wouldn’t seem out of place in Beauty and the Beast. This included a room of mirrors, that has absolutely everything to do with being able to see underneath ladies’ skirts…

We explored the four floors of the castle, including the basement where the Crown Jewels are held, and wandered the grounds.

It’s definitely worth a visit if you like history, and also very interesting to see the difference in taste and architecture compared to the British palaces we all know.

Freetown Christiania

From Rosenborg, we headed over to Freetown Christiania, a community-led town that has existed in the heart of the city for over 40 years. Christiania was founded on an ex-military site, and the residents built many of the houses themselves.

You can’t take photos in many areas here, as the “Green Light District” hosts a vast amount of cannabis stalls, which is technically illegal. But walking through, you’ll encounter street art everywhere, eclectic front gardens and a small variety of cafes and workshops.

Christiania is an interesting and unique visit, so do take a look if you visit Copenhagen!

Copenhagen Street Food Market

By this point, we were ready to eat, and crossed the bridge to Papirøen island. The indoor Copenhagen Street Food Market is housed here, with a huge selection of food stalls and bars.

After wandering around it a few times to get a good feel for the place (much to Brandon’s impatience), I settled with beef Jap’chae from Korean stall, Bulko. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s a dish of noodles made from sweet potatoes, cooked in soy sauce and sugar, served with stir fried beef and rice. It cost around 80DKK and the portion was massive, so probably one of the best value meals so far!

Brandon grabbed a burrito from Tacos Chucho, and got us a couple of mojitos. The market is a foodie delight, and with cuisines from traditional Danish, Brazilian and Mexican, to Chinese, Italian and vegan, there really is something for everyone.


After a couple of hours rest, we went for the final dinner of the trip. I chose Bæst, a Neapolitan pizzeria in our neighbourhood. Bæst focuses on fresh, local ingredients, using most of their own as they have both a dairy and butchery onsite.

A huge draw to Bæst is their charcuterie menu. You can try a selection of various meats, hand picked by the chef that day.

We shared the large selection, which came with fresh sourdough baked that morning. Our selection included duck liver pâté, pork ciccioli with crispy rinds, beef salami, garlic pork salami, goose breast, smoked ham, lardo and one more meat that I unfortunately cannot remember (terrible food blogger).

Anyone who knows me may remember I was once an incredibly fussy eater, so I feel I’ve come on leaps and bounds! I was surprised by how much I liked the confit and pâté too, as I’m not usually a fan. We both really enjoyed this selection, and it was a great way to try what Bæst has to offer. If anything, I would say that more bread is needed for the amount of pâté.

Another restaurant designed for sharing, we shared a pizza with smoked mozzarella, smoked pancetta, oyster mushrooms and ramson. Like many of the Neapolitan pizzas we love at home, this was a white pizza and the absence of tomato was not missed. The quality of the ingredients is evident, with a buttery base and pillowy soft dough as we have come to expect.

For four beers, the charcuterie selection and a pizza, the meal came to 554DKK (approx £63). Still much steeper than a meal at home, it seems of good value for Copenhagen standards.


Directly opposite the restaurant is BRUS, a craft beer bar with over thirty taps.

We stopped in the pleasant surroundings and asked the bartender to recommend a pilsner and IPA, which he did without hesitation. We finished our evening here and enjoyed the atmosphere of the cosy bar.

By this point, I was a bit drunk on my 6.8% beer, as I’d already had two at dinner and a glass of wine!

End of Day Three

Okay, I’m lying. We finished our night by grabbing a chocolate muffin at 7/11 and eating it in bed. I boldly proclaimed it as the best muffin I’ve ever eaten, to which Brandon pointed out that maybe that was the beer talking. But still, it was a good end to our third day in Copenhagen.

What did you think?