Dizzy Gull at Brighton Beer Dispensary

Dizzy Gull at Brighton Beer Dispensary

I’ve not had the pleasure of trying many roasts in Brighton yet. Now I’ve acknowledged that, I’m just realising how weird that is. Although it may have something to do with the insane amount of brunch I eat on a Sunday instead, so swings and roundabouts eh?

A couple of months back, I’d heard the name Dizzy Gull thrown around a fair bit. Springing up within Brighton Beer Dispensary last October, it garnered a good reputation quickly. So, after hearing cracking things about their roasts, I decided to swap my pancakes for yorkshire puddings.

Brighton Beer Dispensary

A big fan of craft beer but a bit of a novice nonetheless, I implored one of the guys at the bar for help. He was more than happy to talk us through the beers on tap and ask a bit about our preferences. After  tasting a couple, I settled on a pint of Brighton Bier. I also swigged a little of Brandon’s cider – Cockeyed Monkey Mango – which was reaallly good.

A few of the ciders on tap – the Cockeyed Monkey Mango is delicious!

Dizzy Gull

Onto the Dizzy Gull kitchen. I was really torn between the pork belly and rib eye, so I went for rib eye with the intention of stealing some of Brandon’s pork belly. Each roast is served with dripping roasties, carrot and swede mash, kale, celeriac puree, cauliflower cheese, braised red cabbage, parsnips and a yorkshire pudding. Sounds pretty damn delicious, right?

Rib eye roast
Rib eye roast
Pork belly roast
Pork belly roast

It was every bit as good as it looked. The rib eye was cooked perfectly and incredibly tender, whilst the pork belly melted in the mouth. Although I’d have to say, the cabbage was too vinegary for me and the potatoes could have done with a bit more crisp.

As with all roasts, I tried to savour the beef and yorkshire pudding for as long as I could as it was so good. But I think the crowning jewel of this dish could actually have been the celeriac puree – oh my god!

Paired with a beer, the Dizzy Gull roast went down an absolute treat.

Third Place?

Brighton Beer Dispensary has a great chilled atmosphere, and the guys at the bar are keen to help.

The variety on the plate was great, with everything you’d want in a roast. And after eating my best roast in Brighton so far, I’m pretty keen to get back and try out more of the regular Dizzy Gull menu.

Got your attention? You can see more of Dizzy Gull on their Facebook page.

What’s the best roast you’ve had in Brighton?

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