Hash House | A Troll’s Pantry Venture

Hash House | A Troll’s Pantry Venture

If you go to one place for lunch in Brighton this week/end, go to Hash House. No, I’m not trying to push anything dodgy, this is a new venture from Brighton’s The Troll’s Pantry. And it’s just brilliant. Located next to Trollburger within the Trafalgar Street arches, this little sun trap offers potato waffles, hashes, hot dogs and milkshakes. True to their brand, Hash House have created a menu based on local, seasonal and ethical ingredients – organic and free range where possible, with foraged herbs and produce.

Trollburger and Hash House
Trollburger and Hash House

Falling in love with Troll’s Pantry all over again

Luckily for me, I’d picked an incredibly sunny day to stop by and the arch was flooded with sun. Sitting down with a menu, I was immediately torn between the wild garlic and cheese or the ice cream and bacon waffle. I spotted a chocolate milkshake on the drinks menu so settled for wild garlic and cheese with added free range bacon – something I’d go on to talk about for a good two days straight. Brandon chose the beef chilli hash and added in Saint Giles cheese.

Wild garlic and cheese waffle with bacon and beef chilli hash with cheese

I can’t say I’ve actually eaten a potato waffle that isn’t McCain’s, so I didn’t really know what to expect. But my mind was honestly blown. The homemade waffles were crispy on the outside, whilst so perfectly soft and fluffy inside it almost melted. I was absolutely obsessed with the wild garlic pesto and the combination of this, Saint Giles cheese and back bacon was just mouthwatering. The Saint Giles cheese reminds me exactly why I love Trollburger so much, and I felt like I was falling in love with them all over again. All of the ingredients are so flavoursome and the quality is clear – I also think it settles my previous dispute over the best burger in Brighton!

Wild garlic and cheese potato waffle with back bacon

Not usually a fan of chilli, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed Brandon’s potato hash. The chilli was succulent and spicy (not hot), which was complemented perfectly by the creamy textures of cheese and sour cream. The milkshakes went down a treat on such a sunny day. Made with local ice cream, they were thick and chocolatey without being too sweet or filling.

Beef chilli hash with St Giles cheese
Potato porn

Third Place?

Without a doubt. Hash House is my favourite newest discovery, and I’m already desperate to go back for a potato waffle with ice cream and bacon. Especially after a quick chat with Hash House head Paul, who recommended this as a favourite. It was clear how hard he had worked to perfect his menu and how pleased he was with it. He told me he’d locked himself away at home for days to perfect his potato waffles – and he’s definitely achieved it! When a food establishment cares about their staff and food, it really shows. It makes the whole Troll’s Pantry brand that bit more special by knowing that the food you’re eating has been sourced sustainably, and the staff are well looked after and just having a blast. What’s more, sustainable food doesn’t have to cost the earth and everything on the menu starts at just a fiver! If that doesn’t make you question your foil wrapped lunch, I don’t know what will. If you want to check out the Hash House menu, have a look at their Twitter page. Let me know if you get a chance to stop by, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Popup interior
Popup interior
Troll's Pantry sustainability commitments
Troll’s Pantry sustainability commitments

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