i gigi Café

i gigi Café

2018 update – the cafes in i gigi has now sadly closed.

I recently stopped by i gigi for a Top Five Most Ingrammable Cafés feature I worked on for Brighton Girl and instantly fell in love with the beautiful aesthetics and serene setting. My first visit was a brief breakfast stop with a flat white and delightful toast basket for one, and I promised myself I would return soon for a proper brunch. Lucky for me, I happen to have a couple of Brighton food blogger pals (which means no impatient huffing or embarrassment when waiting for me to take the perfect brunch photo), so made a foodie date with Jess from Jess & Josh Cook and Kim from The Wee Food Blogger.


Breakfast Visit 1
Breakfast Visit 1

Brunch visit

Unluckily for me, I came to brunch completely hungover as a few glasses of wine the night before with some of the Brighton Girls managed to get a little out of hand, which left me unable to stomach much at all! So this review is going to live slightly through the others’ experiences, as the breakfast loaf I ordered – whilst absolutely beautiful in appearance – didn’t quite my meet my hungover carby expectations.

Food at i gigi is always served completely on point, adorned with fruit and flowers and served on wooden boards (something up for debate amongst many, however). The toast basket for one from my first visit was a bread-eater’s dream, with a crumpet, muffin and sourdough slice to enjoy with a choice of sweet preserves. The breakfast loaf this visit was stunning to look at, but sadly a little dry and too toasted around some of the edges, which I could not recover with the yoghurt or honey on the side. I also had some fruit flies that kept hanging around it, which put me off a little and I ended up abandoning the rest and gazing at the other dishes on the table.


I had originally had my eye on the rarebit as I am a huge fan, but a churning stomach left me unsure if I could handle it. However, as it arrived for Jess I knew I’d made a huge mistake! Here is what Jess and Kim thought of their i gigi experience:

What Jess said…

Initially disappointed that they didn’t have my go-to of a full English for breakfast, I had soon forgotten all about the sausage, bacon and eggs when I was brought out my food. I went for the Welsh rarebit with bacon bits, cherry tomatoes, a perfectly poached egg and a side salad – a dish I’ve never seen on a breakfast menu but it did not disappoint. It was my first time trying Welsh Rarebit and I think it will struggle to be topped.

What Kim Said…

The sign of a good breakfast, or indeed any meal, is when you never want it to end. That was the case with my avocado on toast with roasted cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon bits and the perfectly poached egg. Lovely, down to earth, staff and a gorgeous setting where you can idle away an hour or two in their bright first floor cafe – the perfect people watching spot overlooking Western Road. My only regret is that it’s taken me this long to find them!

A Third Place?

Despite my disappointing experience this time around, I know this place is usually top notch and saw that through the eyes of Kim and Jess! For such a small café, quality oozes out of every little detail such as the coffee, the welcoming and friendly staff and of course, the stunning surroundings in which you sit. Aesthetically, every aspect of i gigi’s café and general store downstairs is perfect and has been really wonderfully curated.

So, the next time I plan on visiting i gigi, I promise myself – and you – that I will be in a normal state to enjoy the menu properly and I am definitely going for that rarebit!

i gigi General Store
i gigi General Store

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