MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza

For anyone keeping their eye on new restaurant openings around Brighton lately (and there have been a lot!), you may have heard a whisper or two about MOD Pizza. Another US food chain to arrive in the UK, MOD Pizza has chosen to open its second UK restaurant in Brighton Marina and bases its offering around fast and affordable meals for families.

MOD exterior

The twist with MOD is that you can have any kind of pizza you like for one price – that is, as little or as many toppings as you want, completely custom made in front of you for £7.49. It has a kind of Subway vibe, except with much more to choose from and very American style customer service. It’s kind of chaotic, as there is just so much to choose from and whole lot of shouting, but everyone was smiling and seemed to be having a good time.



I ended up panicking and creating a pizza with tomato base, cheese, bacon, green peppers, spinach, feta and more mozzarella (what can I say, I’m all about the cheese). Brandon had a tomato base with cheese, chorizo, spicy Italian sausage, bacon, pepperoni, mushroom, red onion and green peppers. We added some cheesy garlic strips and then opted for chocolate milkshakes, mine with oreo toppings and Brandon’s with mint chocolate chips. After placing your order and receiving your drinks, you take a seat and wait for them to call your name out. I don’t think we waited quite 5 minutes before they were ready.

MOD Benches


So I guess with the amount of different toppings we both had, you’d expect very flavoursome pizzas. Sadly no, and this is where the review takes a downturn. The bacon was all I could taste aside from the tomato base, and it just tasted like crispy oil to me. For a restaurant that gives you freedom to choose your own toppings, they are little conservative with the amount put on – I mean, you know how much spinach wilts once cooked, so you can get away with putting a fair amount into your cooking, but this pizza had less than 10 spinach leaves, and the feta got pretty lost both appearance and taste wise. I think, for many of us, we aren’t used to asking for more when it comes to food and restaurants so find the idea pretty awkward, which is why we took them as they came and hoped for the best.


The garlic strips we shared were good, although actually tasted more like its cheese topping, and not all that garlicky. The ranch sauce for dipping however, was pretty moreish and good for crust dipping!

MOD Ranch2

MOD offer a range of soft drinks including milkshakes and refillable lemonades and iced teas. We opted for chocolate milkshakes, which were thick and pretty good – although not thick enough to support the milkshake mods, which end up sinking to the bottom of the cup and remaining there.

MOD Drinks


MOD as a Third Place?

This is a new kind of pizza experience and the novelty is pretty fun. The team are all very engaging and seem to be putting smiles on their customers’ faces, but for true pizza lovers this won’t be your third place.

The taste reminded me slightly of being back at a theme park in Florida and finding somewhere for lunch. It just kinda fell a little flat for how it looked, and I’d only come back if I was entertaining my younger sisters perhaps – which, I’m sure in that sense it hits the nail on the head!

This is what Brandon had to say: The spicy Italian sausage wasn’t spicy, and I couldn’t taste any chorizo. For the amount of cheese put on, I couldn’t really taste any. We didn’t get offered any of the drizzles they put on at the end and for the amount you would pay for a milkshake, they didn’t taste too different to a McDonald’s. The team are really friendly and they’ve made the place look good, but if I went back I’d ask for more of the toppings. Ultimately, it didn’t taste that different from building a pizza within a supermarket and taking it home.

Have you been to MOD Pizza yet? I’d be really interested to hear your take on it!

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4 thoughts on “MOD Pizza”

  • MOD Pizza sounds like a great concept, I wish we had something like that here! Shame about the pizza lacking in flavour – fingers crossed next time they’ll be more generous with their portions!


    • Yeah the concept was definitely exciting, but for us a little disappointing sadly! You never know, as they open up and expand around the UK they might appear nearby!

  • I had an invite to this too, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t be very good so declined… I suppose its fits in with the rest of the chains down the marina but I’ll be sticking to the great indy pizza places we have. Nothing beats Fatto A Mano and VIP.

    • Totally agree! Although had an absolute nightmare experience with VIP when I first moved and absolutely not in a hurry to go back sadly!

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