My third place: Pelicano Coffee and Tea House

My third place: Pelicano Coffee and Tea House

I thought today I’d write a post about one of my top third place spots around Brighton: Pelicano Coffee and Tea House (you’ll soon learn that I am way too indecisive to have one third place). Based in Sydney Street at the top of the North Laines, Pelicano has existed for about 16 months so is still a relative newcomer to the Brighton coffee scene but brings much to the table.

I used to pass this place a lot when I first moved here last spring and it took me a while to go in. You know when you’re by yourself and don’t want to deal with the awkwardness of walking into a place, not seeing anything you want and then having to leave, all in front of the staff at the counter? Maybe you don’t,  but I had this debate with myself for a while and then my curiosity took over. And as it happened, I wanted everything! Which has since caused an all new problem, as you can imagine.

Pelicano counter
Counter and full food display

The counter is the first thing you are greeted with upon entering Pelicano, with a gorgeous display of pastries, sandwiches, bagels, slices and cakes. The variety changes often, as their food is provided by local bakers from the area. Behind all of this you’ll find the coffee and tea menu, with shelves of loose leaf tea and soft drinks to choose from. I’ve not wasted much time in working through their food offerings, having tried various toasted sourdoughs, focaccia, pastries and slices. All comes served on a pelican-adorned wooden board and we all know that food tastes better when on a wooden board, right?

Something worth noting is that Pelicano roast their coffee themselves on site and dial it in (adjusting grind size, coffee dosage etc.) to ensure its great quality; every beverage is beautifully poured with latte art and I’m particularly fond of their crockery, too. Side note: mochas and hot chocolates come with a flake on the side! 😍

Toasted sourdoughs
Toasted parma ham sourdough, three cheese sourdough, flat white and diet coke
Banana chocolate chip slice and mocha – FYI one of the chocolatey-ist mochas I’ve ever had!

I know what some of you might be thinking: but isn’t this all a little hipster? Well no, actually. The great thing about this place is how warmly you are welcomed each time you go, and whilst these guys are really into what they do they don’t expect you to be an expert, either. Music varies here but mostly provides light jazz for an easy-going atmosphere, and the somewhat stark brown furniture is softened with fresh flowers and a leather sofa upstairs.

Upstairs in Pelicano House
Pelicano front
A downstairs view of Pelicano

People and groups of all ages frequent Pelicano: 20-somethings; 60-somethings; couples, and parents taking their kids for after school cake. It offers that third place for plenty of people, and I’ll tell you what makes it a winner for me.. the occasional banana flavoured blondie or chocolate chip slice. Heaaaaven.

To get a feel for Pelicano, check out their Instagram.
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