Burger Brothers

Burger Brothers

I’m late the the party, I know. If you live in Brighton, you’ll already know about Burger Brothers. Whether you’ve tried them or not, I daresay you know a cult fan or two. But the cult has grown.

Now, I’m known amongst my friends for loving a good burger. If you’ve read a lot of my posts, you will probably be aware of my quest to find the best in Brighton. Well, in 2014 Tripadvisor ranked Burger Brothers as the best burger in the UK, and they won Britain’s Best Burger 2016.

Having had them on my list for an awfully long time and after one unsuccessful visit attempt, I was getting desperate. Then, on one horrendously rainy evening, the time was finally right. We crammed into the tiny establishment and held our breath.

First impressions

At first glance, the inside is similar to that of your local Grubbs or other takeaway. But the big difference, aside from the gourmet food, is in the detail. From the presentation of your meal and the custom toothpicks, down to the hand sanitisers dotted around the place, it’s well thought out. The guys here are friendly, and seem genuinely keen that you enjoy your burger.


The focus at Burger Brothers is kept to what they do best. Yep, you guessed it, burgers! There are five meaty burgers to choose from, as well as two veggie options. I decided to start off simple, and chose the “Simple Jack”: Monterey Jack cheese, mayonnaise and tomato sauce, with added prosciutto from the extras menu.

Part of me worried that the hype had been too much after seeing the simple menu. I imagined a jam-packed menu, with burgers piled high. But I was so wrong. And I was so glad.

What looks like a simple and maybe even a little flat-looking burger, turned out to be one of the most flavoursome I have ever eaten. The patty was so incredibly well-seasoned it creates a little peppery tingle in the mouth, whilst the beef itself simply melts. Creamy Monterey Jack and mayonnaise adds to the wonderful textural sensation, whilst the ketchup supports the tasty tang. I also enjoyed my addition of prosciutto, an extra meaty layer that brings a touch of saltiness and a bit more chew. Burger buns are delivered fresh every day and it shows. Soft – but not too soft – and glazed, I think these are probably the tastiest buns I’ve ever experienced.

My one regret with Burger Brothers is not opting for an extra beef patty.

Does Burger Brothers make a third place?

How could it not? And Burger Brothers caters for everyone, so the potential isn’t limited. They offer veggie and vegan patties,  plus dairy, gluten and wheat free buns at no extra charge. If you like a bit of spice, you can up the heat level with different blends or a chilli sauce.

Is it my best burger in Brighton? I’m… not sure. That’s a disappointing verdict, I know, but it’s so different from Trolls Pantry that it’s thrown me somewhat. So I need to break it down a little.

My problem was being left marginally peckish afterwards and I guess I’m not used to burgers without fries. So taking fries away, yes, I think it is probably the best tasting burger I’ve had in Brighton. I’m just wondering if that extra patty could have made all of the difference.

For now, it’s a tie between Trolls Pantry and Burger Brothers. Which just means I have to get out there and eat some more burgers, right? 😉

What are your thoughts on Burger Brothers, does it make your list of the best in Brighton?

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2 thoughts on “Burger Brothers”

  • Katy and I don’t think it’s that great. We even prefer a Coggings and Co over this. Also they offer gluten free bun but I’ve definitely been glutened here so would not recommend.

    • Ooh I do really like Coggings and Co, and the restaurant itself, but I think the actual beef patty from Burger Brothers is the best I’ve had yet! That’s such a shame about the bun incident though 🙁 I must get back to Coggings and Co actually, as I haven’t been since I started blogging!

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