2018 – LangeLees has now closed.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see another pig in blanket until next Christmas. So, I’m diving straight back into business as usual with a breakfast visit to LangeLees. LangeLees is rather unremarkable looking from the front, with the air of a greasy spoon. Actually a South African inspired café, they boast a decent sized breakfast menu and the name cropped up a fair few times when searching for somewhere new for breakfast in Brighton. More importantly, it provided another opportunity for finding the best pancakes in Brighton.


Initially torn between pancakes and French toast, I chose a pancake stack with added bacon. Stack was correct, as the plate was absolutely loaded. My only complaint would be that paying an extra £1 for bacon and only getting one rasher is a little stingy. Aside from this, the fruit tasted incredibly fresh and the pancakes were soft and fluffy. There was a great amount of maple syrup on the plate to soak up, something that a lot of other places tend to skimp on. And at £6 in total, that is pretty darn cheap!


At £2.20 for a flat white, the coffee is really cheap for Brighton. Plus, at LangeLees they serve a homemade shortbread biscuit on the side, which was really quite tasty! The coffee itself however, tasted quite odd to me with an almost earthy flavour. Verde espresso beans are used here, an Italian roast, which is perhaps why I wasn’t so keen (not an insult – I’m just a speciality coffee girl). Anyway, try it, see what you think and enjoy the biscuit. Plus the cups are rather lovely, aren’t they?

Third Place?

There are little touches dotted around the wall to reflect LangeLees’ South African heritage, yet they’re kind of lost amongst the normalcy of everything else. Whilst you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, if I hadn’t known better I don’t think I’d have glanced twice at the place. However, the atmosphere was buzzy and comfortable for that Sunday brunch time of day, and it seems a popular spot.

With extremely reasonable prices and a vast menu, including some intriguing South African dishes, I would go back to LangeLees again. I’ve already made a note to go back and pick up a box of that delicious shortbread! That’s got to be enough of an incentive to make it a third place, right?

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