Looking back at my first year of blogging

Looking back at my first year of blogging

Well okay, I’ve only been running this blog for 9 months, but that doesn’t sound as good does it?

2016 was a pretty shit year in terms of current events. But on a more personal level, it saw the start of an entirely new side of myself.  I decided to put my love of Instagramming beautiful food and finding great places to eat to good use, and began The Third Place.

As we enter a new year, I’ve set myself a few blogging goals. Firstly, is the aim of getting out to as many of the restaurants and cafés on my list in Brighton as possible. Secondly, I’d like to put some time into how this site looks, and start to create a bit more of an identity for The Third Place.

But before I share these new experiences with you, I’m looking back at some of my favourite blogging moments so far, and some of my “firsts”.

5. Writing my first recipe

Sweet potato and spinach curry
Sweet potato and spinach curry

One of my first looks at “the first place”: our home life, and how you can bring the third place into it.  Food, dining out and café culture are undoubtedly some of my biggest loves, so bringing this into my home and cooking is also another passion. What made writing this even more special was when a friend of mine tried cooking this for the first time, having hardly cooked before, and absolutely loved it!

4. My first product review

Back in September, I collaborated with a food brand for the first time to review their products. This was an exciting opportunity to 1. try something new and 2. constructively review something on a wider scale outside of Brighton! I’m definitely keen to explore more food brands through collaborations going forward.

3. Señor Buddha

The last year has seen a lot of great food experiences. If I had to pick, I think my favourite and most interesting food experience from The Third Place so far has to be Señor Buddha. Señor Buddha is a creative collaboration of tapas style food with an asian influence and my, was it delicious! Exciting dishes paired with some fantastic wine, and all down the road from home, made an amazing evening.

The other experience that tops food in 2016 for me has to be brand new Italian restaurant, Cin Cin. I was lucky enough to be invited down as part of the Brighton Girl team, so you can read more about the experience hereNote: I am definitely heading there soon for The Third Place, don’t worry!

The most delicious arancini I have ever eaten.

2. Brighton Girl

Starting my blog and beginning to engage with other bloggers and likeminded people on Instagram was more powerful than I could have imagined.  Not only has my confidence with engaging  through social media improved, I’ve made real good friends around Brighton.

Finding Brighton Girl was exactly the kind of thing I’d been looking for, without knowing it. It’s hard to admit that you don’t have many friends when living in a new city, so finding a whole network of likeminded women that I love to pieces has been incredible.

Plus, I’ve had an amazing opportunity to develop my writing and social media skills as joint Social Editor and Social Media Manager for the BG blog!

The Brighton Girl Halloween Party

1. Having people read my blog

It sounds a little silly, as that is the point of a blog right? But it means so much to me that anyone reads my posts at all! Which absolutely has to make it my top moment from starting The Third Place.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere in particular to eat in Brighton, or maybe comparing my thoughts on a place to somewhere you’ve been, I am so so grateful that you stopped by. SO THANK YOU! And here is to 2017, a whole new year of food and travel and maybe some other stuff.

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