Brighton is known amongst foodies for struggling to provide on the Italian food front. There are plenty of big names and independents around, but rarely any that deliver in authenticity.  Now, I won’t ever claim to be an expert in Italian food, but I know when a restaurant tries to do too much (Italian hamburgers, anyone?). I also like to think can tell when good quality ingredients are used, and I’ve definitely learnt what makes a good pizza!

In the last two years we’ve seen the arrival of Cin Cin, Edendum, Fatto a Mano, Franco Manca and Polpo, three of which I’ve covered and loved. So the other week, when I was in the mood for Italian, I decided to try somewhere new and see what Edendum had to offer.


Based in the heart of the Lanes, Edendum also comprises a café and food shop. They describe their atmosphere as relaxed and vibrant, and I have to agree with them. With a sleek, modern appearance and walls lined with produce and wine, it exudes warmth.

We arrived fairly early in the evening to find the place empty, but were greeted with such warmth and enthusiasm that it put us at ease straight away.


The menu is of modest size, created to reflect the season and changing regularly. There is an interesting variety of pasta, meat, salad and pizza dishes, with lots of veggie options and some vegan. Now, my inner cheese demon took over on this occasion, so I feel I lost my inhibitions slightly.

We started with gnocco fritto formaggi, a sharing board of fried dough strips accompanied with brie, goats cheese, pecorino, buffalo mozzarella, gorgonzola and chutneys. Dear lord! 😍 Such an indulgent starter, and each cheese was delicious. I can be squeamish with cold mozzarella, as sometimes it’s really watery, but this was creamy and perfect with the dough. The onion chutney was divine and I think I probably scooped more than my fair share!

Next I – probably not no sensibly – ordered a white quatro formaggi pizza. I know right, more cheese?! I was hungry when I ordered. With the likes of Fatto a Mano and Franco Manca in town, I get kinda nervous trying new pizzas. But I was really quite impressed with Edendum’s, particularly for a white pizza! The dough was soft and chewy like the ones I’ve come to love around Brighton, with a taste of its own.

Positively bursting at the seams by this point, we were offered dessert. I’d checked the desserts in advance of ordering, and set out to try one as there were some interesting ones listed. But being so full, we resolved to sharing one.

The gelato caldo is hot vanilla ice cream in an almond crust with a berry “foam”. I loved the contrast of hot and cold, and the almond crust was really interesting paired with ice cream. The sharpness of the berry foam was a winning contrast to the nuttiness of the crust.

Third Place?

From the moment we stepped into Edendum to the moment we left, we were so well looked after. Both of the guys that saw to us that night were so attentive, and came across as really genuinely enthusiastic about what they did. We were even treated to a gorgeous little appetiser of fried bread pieces with an arugula spread and capers, which made a really nice touch.  Alas, I was so hungry, I ate mine before I could even consider taking a photo!

Edendum made a really great change from going to our usual pizzerias as we had much more of an intimate restaurant experience than usual. With a couple of beers and glasses of (delicious) wine each, we were really able to savour the time we were there.

Edendum will definitely be a go-to restaurant for me in future. I’m convinced of its quality and authenticity, but definitely want to explore more of the menu. With great food, wine, service and atmosphere, what’s not to like?

Have you checked out Edendum yet? I would love to know your thoughts!

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