Three nights in Copenhagen: Day One

Three nights in Copenhagen: Day One

I’m writing this post from the squishiest bed in Copenhagen – although maybe don’t fact check me on that.

Rather than write one colossal summary post of my trip, I’d like to bring you a roundup of each day that we’re here. Three nights, four days, let’s go.

Day One:

I won’t bore you with the details of how we got to the airport or what we ate there.

After landing at the airport, we had a few hours until we could check into our apartment. So, me being me, I’d already checked out the neighbourhood we would be staying in, Nørrebro, for somewhere to head for food as soon as we got there.

(Travel-wise, from the airport we bought a 72hr tourist ticket costing 200DKK, approx £22. This gives access to buses, trains and the metro. We hopped on a metro, using Citymapper to guide us to Nørrebro station.)

Enter Møller…

Brunch at Møller Kaffe & Køkken

Møller grabbed me instantly from it’s concept of an all day breakfast cafe. But not only that, here you are given a menu and a pencil to tick off all the things you want to eat. Like breakfast tapas. For people like me, indecisive, never only wanting one thing, and also not a lover of eggs / avocado / the usual breakfast dishes, this is an absolute dream. I mean, just look at this:

We shared homemade sourdough bread, organic rye with whipped butter, homemade Nutella, cured ham, cheese, yoghurt and granola, streaky bacon, sausages, waffle with English cream (a vanilla custard type), chicken nuggets, and “potato of the day” (an English translation so not sure what this means, but it was really tasty). I had a cortado and Brandon a rather indulgent hot chocolate – which came with its own pot of cream the size of my cortado! Possibly the dreamiest breakfast I’ve ever had.

At 412DKK (about £46), it wasn’t the cheapest breakfast, but we had a lot of food.

With candles on every table (get used to this, it’s Copenhagen), greenery throughout the cafe, and an atmosphere simply oozing style, Møller absolutely nails the third place concept. We spent about two hours here in total, surrounded by various families and friends, all just completely taking our time.


After our leisurely brunch, we hopped on a 5A bus up the road to get to our apartment. We found this place on Airbnb, and it looks exactly the same as the photos. An IKEA use-of-small-spaces showroom delight. Although you have to give it to the owner, it’s way too stylish to all be IKEA.

So, checked in and completely exhausted from only getting three hours sleep the night before, we settled in for an afternoon snooze. For almost three hours.


Even after a long nap, we weren’t too hungry as the evening approached. Down the road from our apartment, we found a delicious sounding sliders restaurant – aptly named Sliders – and decided it would make a good sharing dinner.

For 149DKK (£17), you can choose any three sliders, plus a side and dipping. A pint of Tuborg in hand, we chose:

  • Triple Truffle Cheese: Beef patty with Brie, Parmesan, blue cheese, three kinds of fried mushrooms and truffle mayo.
  • Sloppy Mama: pulled beef in red wine sauce, pickled red onions and crispy bacon.
  • Crispy Oriental: Pork braised in coconut milk, sesame oil, lemongrass and garlic with mint leaves, chillies, cilantro and crunchy pork rinds.
  • French fries and truffle mayo

I’m obsessed with truffle mayo, and it did not disappoint. The triple truffle cheese slider was sickly and indulgent, but absolutely perfect and I begrudged letting Brandon have a bite. The beef patty was beautifully tender and the whole thing melted in the mouth.

Sadly I can’t speak for the Sloppy Mama, as Brandon conveniently forgot to let me have a bite… but he tells me it was tender with good, crispy bacon.

The crispy oriental was a total flavour party, with sweet, sour and spicy all coming through, and a satisfying crunch from the pork rinds. Topped off with beautifully crisp French fries (I’m guessing they must have been at least double cooked), and more truffle mayo, I was a little envious that I didn’t have three to myself!

Another effortlessly cool and intimate restaurant, with low hanging lights, exposed bricks and candles everywhere, it was safe to say I’d already fallen for Copenhagen.

The Barking Dog

We wandered along the river after dinner, looking for a spot for cocktails. You really don’t have to look far around here, as there are intimate looking bars down every street we took, filled with people.

Brandon found The Barking Dog, a place that describes itself as a cocktail pub. After walking in, we were spotted immediately by a friendly bartender, who went about looking for a place for us to sit. In Copenhagen, it is very common to share tables with other people, which we’d also encountered at Sliders. It makes for a nice atmosphere, and also means you can actually find somewhere to sit!

We finished our night here with a couple of drinks. The drinks menu is hilarious, and doesn’t tell you too much about what is in your cocktail, so prepare for a bit of a surprise!


Cocktails here are 90DKK, so the standard you’d expect to pay in most bars in the U.K. (approx £10).


So, a mostly food filled first day in Copenhagen (would you expect anything less?), but we’re settled in and ready to explore what the city has to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for more!

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