I wasn’t going to write a post about Doughbo because my photos are so dark. But a phrase popped into my head earlier – “something to write home about” – and I realised I absolutely had to mention them.

Doughbo at the Polygon Popup – August 2016

Doughbo Episode I: In the beginning

Created as an answer to bad street food and the unbearable food envy, Doughbo allows you to mix and match sweet and savoury options to try a little of everything. Formed of Neapolitan dough and jam packed with locally sourced ingredients, they’ve put a gourmet twist on what many of us once considered a Pizza Express staple.

My first visit to Doughbo was last summer at the Polygon Popup event in Sevendials. They hadn’t anticipated their popularity, and the wait times were crazy to get our hands on these little balls of dough. Yet after the first bite, we knew it was something special. *Shoutout to the blue cheese, pear and walnut dough ball, I will never forget u*

I continued to follow them closely on social media, and rejoiced when they moved from food truck to pub kitchen residence at The Hobgoblin.

Doughbo Episode II: A re-visit

January came around, and after a conversation with our pals at Jess & Josh Cook, we realised they had yet to try these little balls of heaven. Had we bigged it up too much? Would it be the same?! There was only one way to find out.

As it happens, Doughno have a rather sexy deal going on a Friday between 4-8pm. Any six dough balls are £8, with a free G&T or ale thrown in. £8 does sound steep, but six dough balls do actually equate to the size of a pizza for one, so it’s good value.

I went for the following:

Absolute Porker

Slow cooked pulled pork in a bourbon BBQ sauce with mozzarella – also the first dough ball I ever tried. Succulent with a hint of sweet, this juicy dough ball is a winner with all.

Parma Ham

Parma ham, mozzarella and a salty finish. Simple, classic, perfect.

Italian Mushroom (Vegetarian / vegan)

Portobello mushroom in a tomato marinara sauce with fresh basil and mozzarella. I used to be a mushroom hater and am somehow now quite the fan, this dough ball was quite possibly my favourite! The combination of marinara, mushroom and mozzarella created a tiny little pizza party in my mouth and I loved it.


Game stew with chestnut mushroom, red wine and mozzarella. Gourmet even for a gourmet dough ball, rich and delicious.

Morning Glory (from the specials menu)

I don’t like beans but I had to try this. Bacon, sausage, baked beans and mozzarella. AND IT WAS GREAT. Delicious sausage, and a rather fun – albeit messy – experience.

The Nuke

Another Doughbo classic that I tried way back when – milk and white chocolate. They rather thoughtfully cooked this for me after my savoury ones and brought it out separately. Sooo messy, sooo good.

Doughbo Episode III: Third place?

It’s a funny one really, as it’s not so much about the physical place with Doughbo, but it’s definitely a food go-to for me and I will always recommend it to others. What’s more, the guys in the kitchen are really keen to talk about their food with you, and came out to talk about our favourites and flavour combinations. It’s this kind of passion that shines through and really makes a difference.

Doughbo are regularly changing up their specials menu and even ask for suggestions on their fillings. Pop along and you’ll find vegetarian and a few vegan options to tempt you too.

Well, I’ve succeeded in making myself hungry right before bed time. But tell me! Have you been to Doughbo yet?!

What did you think?