Brewed is a place that I seriously don’t think gets enough credit.

Barely a year old, it’s still a relative newcomer to the Brighton coffee and brunch scene. I remember watching them spring up during my final commutes, and feeling thrilled when I realised it was a coffee shop. Alas, I only got to go a few times – contrary to popular belief, you are actually quite busy when you’re a student.

So, when I was in the area recently for a few flat viewings, I dragged Brandon over for brunch.


Tiny though Brewed is, the use of small space is incredible. With only a few tables inside, and a long bar running around one side, the guys here can still hook you up with a full english or stack of pancakes. So I decided to go for exactly that – pancakes. I know, very transparent of me.

Although obviously fresh, I was a little apprehensive when I noticed the pancake stacks are pre-made (I imagine this is down to kitchen space). The apprehension faded as soon as they landed in front of me, and I cut into the soft, fluffy stack. Topped with a generous amount of maple bacon and fried banana (a new obsession) with honey on the side, I ate every last morsel and mopped up the plate.

Brandon ordered a kimchi reuben. If you’re unfamiliar with a reuben, it’s a toasted sandwich with pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, mustard and pickles. Obviously in this case there is also kimchi. He really liked the combination of flavours within the sandwich, but unfortunately wasn’t a fan of the mustard used.


Brewed are masters of great coffee and frequently experiment with different beans. You’re pretty much guaranteed some interesting new notes within their espresso every time you stop by. And I am just in love with their crockery.

I will go as far to say that you’ll have some of the best coffee in Brighton here. There, I said it.

Third place?

Brewed is a perfect third place within the Lewes Road area, and I can see that when I stop by. The guys here are very familiar with their regulars, and Brewed has the sort of atmosphere where you can turn around and join in with a conversation.

It ticks every box for me: great coffee and food, minimal yet pleasant aesthetics, and really bloody nice people. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by yet, I promise you it is worth the short trip out of the centre of town.

What did you think?