Mac Mondays | The Little Blue Smokehouse at Seven Stars

Mac Mondays | The Little Blue Smokehouse at Seven Stars

I only really discovered mac and cheese a couple of years ago. Since then it’s become a bit of an obsession, and something I definitely can’t resist when perusing a menu. What maniac can say no to a steaming bowl of pasta absolutely smothered in multiple cheeses? A crunchy breadcrumb topping? Maybe some garlic or bacon bits thrown in? Sorry, I’m digressing a little.

A while ago, it came to my attention that The Little Blue Smokehouse run something called Mac Mondays at Seven Stars. A whole cheesey menu, including a grilled mac and cheese sandwich and mac and cheese nachos! Should I say mac and cheese one more time?

After a passionate discussion about it at work, I booked a table for a small army.

The Little Blue Smokehouse at Seven Stars

In the heart of The Lanes, Seven Stars is a popular craft gin and beer pub that houses The Little Blue Smokehouse.  As there were 10 of us, we had a booth at the back of the pub booked. Unfortunately, you’ll soon see it was pretty dark back there, so I can only apologise for the quality of my food photos!

At the time of visiting, the  standard menu comprised five single mac and cheese dishes: House, Mushroom, Bacon & Kale, Smoked Chicken and Short Rib. Further down, the menu kicks it up a notch, with a mac mix (your choice of three single macs), plus the previously mentioned grilled cheese sandwich and nachos.

I went for the Mix, obviously, opting for House, Bacon & Kale and Short Rib. OH, and some mac balls from the everyday menu – deep fried mac and cheese with bacon jam, duh. Please see below…

Mac balls, Short Rib Mac, Bacon & Kale Mac and House Mac.

So yes, terrible lighting but I think the seedy red tint makes it look even sexier.

Starting with the mix from left to right is the Short Rib with chunks of BBQ short rib, jalapeños, garlic croutons and hot sauce. This dish packed the most in punchy flavours, but there wasn’t enough rib in there for me.

Next, Bacon & Kale: Bacon pieces, kale pesto, bacon jam, pork scratchings and crispy kale. I loved the amount of crunch going on, and the pork scratchings were so naughty, but the jam did make it a little sickly. I know, mac and cheese sickly? Whatever next?

Finally, the House with bacon crumble, and hands down my absolute favourite. It was just everything mac and cheese should be to me, focusing on a delicious slathering of cheese and a crunchy top.

The mac balls came with bacon jam and ranch dressing. These were really tasty, and I was a big fan of the jam/rancho combo, although I felt the deep fried outer needed to be a little thicker. They fell apart somewhat, compared to the solid structure of MEATliquor‘s.

Third place?

I just don’t see how you can go wrong with Mac Mondays (unless you don’t like cheese, but if that’s the case what are you still doing here?). It was an absolute mission to eat, and I definitely went too far on this one, but it was totally worth it.

Brandon and I frequently reminisce about Mac Mondays, and are planning on going back very soon. To top it all off, for the Mac Mix you’re still only paying £7! It’s the perfect option for the incredibly indecisive (AKA me).

Just make sure you go extra, extra hungry.

Note: Mac Mondays is available at Seven Stars after 6pm every Monday.

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