Three Stack | Pancakes at The Square

Three Stack | Pancakes at The Square

Update 2018 – Three Stack have now moved to The Villas, Hove.

If you don’t know already, I really like pancakes. They’re generally my go-to for breakfasts and brunches (and sometimes even early dinners) out.

I’d had my eye on Three Stack for a little while, having first found them on Instagram, wondering when I’d get a chance to try their mobile pancake and coffee set-up. And then, as if my prayers were answered, they announced a new kitchen residency within The Square on Saturdays!

Three Stack street a-frame

Three Stack

Ever the keen bean, I arrived on their first morning to get my pancake fill. The Three Stack menu focuses on four different pancake stacks – available as both three stacks and super stacks – with a weekly special and coffee menu alongside.

The counter and coffee bar

One of the first things I noticed was how incredibly good value the menu was. £6.50 for a three stack of pancakes with maple syrup, maple cured streaky bacon and caramelised banana is a total bargain – this being the most expensive standard stack on offer. I’m so used to having to pay extra here and there for stingy amounts of bacon that this was a great start. Being my “usual” variation of pancake stacks, I ordered them with my usual flat white.

Close up of my three stack

Appearance wise, they certainly held up as a true stack. After making an extra special effort with my photos (Three Stack were running an Instagram competition that day), I took a moment to relish the generosity of toppings – three succulent rashers of bacon piled on and so much maple syrup! The moment didn’t last too long of course, as I dived in to taste them.

Cutting into the stack was a dream, they were so soft and fluffy. The bacon was perfect for me, with a good balance of juicy and crispy and of course, plenty of it. For any sceptics of the bacon / banana combo, it really is a delight and this was no exception. I made the most of the extra maple syrup believe me, and mopped up every last bit.

Pancakes and a flat white

Third place?

Of all my breakfast reviews so far, Three Stack have been my favourite for pancakes. Everything was spot on, from the lightness and texture of the pancakes themselves, to the generosity and taste of their accompaniments.

With the addition of a banging flat white and a really friendly team, I’ve no doubt we’ll make several return trips on a Saturday morning and Brandon has already been nagging me to go back.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes I did win the Instagram competition!

Have you checked out Three Stack yet? You can catch them every Saturday 9am-1pm at The Square, New England Street.

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