V and H Cafe | Breakfast Review

V and H Cafe | Breakfast Review

V and H has long been a local favourite. After enjoying solid reviews over the last couple of years, they’ve earned a stellar reputation as a top spot for breakfast in Brighton. Although a little way out from us, I’d been getting a little itchy to stop by. One thing I’d been mmm-ing and ahh-ing about though, was how much of a big role eggs play in their menu. And then, not too long ago, owners Harry and Verity got in touch to invite me along to try their revamped breakfast menu.* So, do you remember that time I told you I don’t eat eggs?

A little bit of sunshine at V and H

The day I visited, buses were terminating really early due to the Children’s Parade in the centre of town. A rather blustery day, albeit a lovely sunny one, Brandon and I had to battle across the other side of Brighton to get there – but it was all in the name of breakfast. Arriving late and flustered, I felt instantly relieved to be greeted by such a sunny team. Assistant Manager Amy showed us to a nice spot by the window and offered to get us started with some breakfast juices. Made fresh on site and packed with orange, carrot, ginger and turmeric, these juices really packed a zingy punch and provided an instant refresh.

Sammy v eggs

It sounds silly, but as a non-egg eater I’d been preparing for this breakfast for a few weeks. Stepping up to the menu, I ordered us both the Full Brunch: smoked streaky bacon, GF sausage, homemade baked beans, mushrooms, egg (scrambled), tomato and toast. With this, my signature flat white and a hot chocolate for Brandon.

I can usually take or leave beans, but was excited to try these. They were so much more flavoursome than your standard, and had a definite spiciness in there! Surprising, but a welcome sensation for a breakfast. The streaky bacon was thick cut and salty, accompanied by a rich, chunky sausage – great to see these are GF as standard for the coeliacs amongst us.

The eggs went well for a first attempt (since I was young anyhow). They were well seasoned and buttery enough for me to focus on the taste and not get distracted by unfamiliar texture. The mushroom and tomato was cooked well for me, and I loved the chewy sourdough toast. The only suggestion I’d have for the dish, or maybe a preference for next time, would be for some of the toast on the side. I really enjoy a slice of sourdough toast with salted butter, so this was all that was missing for me.

Amy had also asked me whether the vegetarian breakfast might have peaked my interest, to which I said I wasn’t the biggest avocado fan. To my surprise, she sneaked a little side onto our table for us to try – and I have to say, with the addition of chilli and lime, it was pretty tasty! The flat white was pretty solid, served at optimum temperature with the perfect levels of foam, and the hot chocolate was nice and rich. Brandon is forever fed up of drinking weak hot chocolate so this was a huge plus!

Third Place?

V and H already bustles with locals that see this as their spot, and you can see this reflected in the rapport with the team. Engaging and full of energy, it’s clear that there is a real passion in their work.

It can be difficult to convey how well a breakfast stands out compared to others, but the quality of the food was evident – again something V and H are really proud of here. Displayed on the wall you will find a map of their suppliers, which are entirely local and also creates a lovely sense of small businesses helping each other out.

There is innovation and ownership in every offering at V and H, one look at their Instagram will show you that. I think it’s this that makes them more than just a cafe.

Have you been to V and H Cafe for breakfast yet?

*I was invited to review the breakfast menu and, as such, did not pay on this occasion. Rest assured, my opinion is completely my own!

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