Nu Posto Lunch Review

Nu Posto Lunch Review

Nu Posto opened last summer down the somewhat shady West Street area, with promises of authentic Neapolitan pizza. Finally, it seemed locals had a reason to venture down that end in the middle of the day and not just to get to the beach.


First experience

I first visited early this year for dinner with Brandon, after hearing some brilliant things. We were determined to find more amazing pizzas since discovering Fatto a Mano, our reigning pizza champions in Brighton.

Sadly, we weren’t convinced by our pizza visit. The dough was pillowy and soft, but I’m not entirely sold on the quality of the ingredients used for the toppings. Nu Posto and Fatto a Mano both offer a similar white pizza with garlic and fennel sausage and Neapolitan broccoli (my absolute favourite at Fatto), and I had found Nu Posto’s version to be quite tasteless in comparison. I ended up leaving a fair bit of this pizza – incredibly rare for me!

Excuse the poor quality photo, this was taken on an old phone!


On that occasion, Brandon and I left really disappointed, but I was determined to give it another try. So, whilst out and about with my friend Caitlin recently, we decided to find somewhere for lunch. It was coincidentally World Pasta Day, and having made a mental note to return once the pasta menu had been introduced, we headed to Nu Posto.

The lunch menu is incredibly cheap, with 2 courses for only £6.50 and three for under a tenner. We both opted for garlic pizza bread to start, whilst I ordered bolognese linguine for a main and Caitlin chose tomato and mozzarella fusilli.


You might be able to see from mine, but I thought the garlic bread was more bread than garlic. I enjoy this type of dough, but it needed more garlic as it just felt like eating a pizza base.


Now, I never order bolognese, but I was in the mood for a pasta dish involving both meat and cheese. The pasta lunch menu was quite limited here with mostly veggie options, hence I chose a bolognese.

The pasta size was great for lunch and, coupled with a starter, didn’t leave me feeling bloated. But as for taste, it was just on the good side of okay for me. There was no tenderness from the beef or richness in the bolognese sauce. It was a huge shame because the pasta itself was enjoyable, but let down by its accompaniment.

Third place?

Nu Posto is huge, open and brightly decorated, making a clean and attractive looking space to eat. With its reasonable prices and fair offering of pizza and pasta to include vegetarians, vegans and  gluten free diners, I can see the appeal for bigger groups and families. But it’s not a third place for me, sadly.

Having been disappointed from both of my visits and found the service to be fairly indifferent each time, I’m more than okay with sticking to Fatto a Mano.

Of course, this is just my opinion and I know many others who enjoy Nu Posto, so I’d be very keen to hear your experiences! What do you think?

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