Tom’s Food

Tom’s Food

Last weekend, we took a little trip to Cuckfield in West Sussex to visit Tom’s Food, a café restaurant that I’ve had my eye on since discovering it on Instagram a few months back. Tom’s Instagram is a collection of his foodie creations, supper clubs and life within the cafe (oh, and quite a lot of his dog, which I can’t pretend didn’t play a part in my interest – sadly I didn’t catch a glimpse when I visited! 🐶 ).

The menu comprises an all day brunch and lunch offering, with wintery favourites such as Welsh Rarebit and homemade soup, as well as cakes, coffee and wine. It’s a small menu, but designed to focus on seasonal produce and high quality food.

We came for a late lunch after a lazy morning, and I opted for my usual flat white as well as the welsh rarebit, whilst Brandon chose a hot chocolate with a wild boar sausage roll.

Cosy interior at Tom's Food
Cosy interior at Tom’s Food

Tom’s Coffee

The coffee, whilst served a little too hot, was actually pretty good, using locally roasted Horsham Coffee Roaster espresso and paired with good milk quality. I really loved the Canvas Homestore tumblers used for serving coffee, but was not impressed with the offering of “expresso” on the drinks menu! The hot chocolate was also good, as we’ve had some real let downs of late, but again served a little too hot.


Tom’s Food

Although not detailed on the menu, if I had to guess, I would say this rarebit was made with béchamel, but I’m not completely sure. What I can tell you however, is that it was indulgent and delicious; I was so hungry by the time we got there, I think I could have eaten another! The sourdough bread had the perfect crunch around the edges, whilst being soft in the middle, and the tomato chilli jam was absolutely incredible! I would love to know if you can buy this stuff, as it would make an amazing kitchen accompaniment or Christmas present.

Brandon really enjoyed the sausage roll, and the apple ketchup was a nice touch, but he thought it could have been a bit bigger for £5.50.

Welsh rarebit and wild boar sausage roll
Welsh rarebit and wild boar sausage roll

Tom’s Food as a third place?

The interior at Tom’s Food is absolutely gorgeous, with every touch incredibly well thought out to give you a huge case of interior envy. It definitely has a similar air to i gigi, and manages a cosy and welcoming atmosphere without coming across as pretentious.

I can see exactly why Tom’s Food is popular with the locals, but I also imagine that we’ll take another trip to Cuckfield sometime soon. It makes the perfect cosy brunch or lunch spot on a lazy weekend, and a nice escape from the many rammed brunch spots in the city. I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for their supper clubs in future, as the dishes look incredible – particularly the desserts!

Have you visited Tom’s Food before? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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