Trading Post Coffee Roastery

Trading Post Coffee Roastery

Hold up, there’s a new brunch spot in town: Trading Post Coffee Roastery.

Up until quite recently, Rickshaw Oriental stood in its place. I can’t say I’d been although from what I’ve read, things didn’t end too well there. Anyway, Trading Post moved in and began setting up quickly, which of course didn’t go unnoticed by the Brighton food scene.

First Impressions

I had no idea just how big this building was, and the floor space is insane! Spanning two storeys with approximately 60 covers, they’ve set themselves quite a challenge. The huge space feels incredibly inviting, with exposed brick walls, wooden tables and benches. Right by the counter you have the coffee roaster itself,  roasting espresso beans in small batches.

Not really digging the chandeliers though.

Food and coffee

With a roastery on site, my expectations were understandably high. I ordered a flat white – obviously – and was pleased by the smooth milk quality and full-bodied flavour. Slightly too hot in temperature, but a promising start nonetheless. Lovely crockery, too.

Having looked Trading Post up already (of course), my interest was caught by the offering of banana pancakes with espresso butter. You might have seen my review of Brickwood last summer, in which I tried espresso butter for the first time and fell in love. Alas, the menu at Trading Post had changed by the time it opened, and the espresso butter is no more. Replaced with a salted peanut butter syrup and chocolate chips, I decided to try them anyway. Brandon went for a savoury brunch, and chose the Sussex ham and spinach eggs Benedict.

Not even kidding.

I’m not really sure what to say. I don’t know what happened here. My pancakes arrived and it probably took me ten minutes to fully digest (lols) that this is just not how you should serve pancakes. Everything was mostly the same colour, and the presentation was a melted mess. The toppings – fried bananas, salted peanut butter and chocolate chips – did actually work very well together, but the pancakes were stodgy and just seemed wrong. I had to leave some in the end, as they only seemed to harden with time…

Brandon, on the other hand, had much more luck. With good quality Sussex ham, large eggs with firm whites and runny yolks, he really enjoyed the dish and said there was plenty of everything. I only wish I liked eggs, as it did look good!

Third place?

It could have been. But when it comes to disappointing food, I am a woman scorned. Perhaps I visited too soon; it can take time for a new establishment to find their feet of course. But then I have to wonder, how can you mess up pancakes that badly?

Trading Post looks like a wonderful space to spend some time with a coffee and pastry. Flooded with an unusual amount of sun on our visit, it was even more attractive. If you look a little closer however, it almost seems that they aren’t quite ready. The setup around the roaster seems clumsy, and a trip to the toilet revealed a pack of toilet roll on the floor, seemingly abandoned.

For now I will retreat, but I am keeping my eyes and ears open for other opinions! Have you been along to Trading Post Coffee Roastery yet?

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